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Laser Cold Sore Treatment​

Laser Cold Sore Treatment

Most cold sores—a group of blisters on the lips or around the mouth—will begin to heal on their own within a few days, completely vanishing within two weeks. However, if you experience pain with your cold sore or simply want it gone immediately, we make that happen with laser cold sore treatment.

How Laser Cold Sore Treatment Works

You can try to treat a cold sore at home using ointments, which will help some. Although ointments won’t significantly speed up the eradication of the cold sore, they will usually help with any pain or discomfort.

Laser cold sore treatment, however, works right away. If your cold sore hasn’t yet broken out but you feel it coming on, we can stop it before it arrives. If you already have a cold sore, laser treatment will alleviate your symptoms and the cold sore will begin to heal much faster than if you left it alone.

Benefits of Laser Cold Sore Treatment

There are several benefits to laser cold sore treatment, making this an ideal solution whether you already have a cold sore or merely feel one coming on.

  • Fast healing
  • Only takes a few minutes to perform the treatment
  • Immediate relief
  • The laser destroys the virus that causes the sore

After Laser Cold Sore Treatment

Following your laser cold sore treatment, the lesion will heal quickly and you’ll be able to go on with your life as normal. Another bonus is, because the laser treatment kills the virus causing the sore, you will notice fewer cold sores in that same spot, and if you do get one, it will have less intensity.

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