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Mouth or Night Guards
& Bite Splints

Mouth Guards, Night Guards & Bite Splints

While mouth guards, night guards and bite splits are created in a similar fashion, they all exist for specific reasons to protect your teeth and gums. Athletes often wear mouth guards as a preventive action to protect their teeth, whereas night guards and bite splits are used to help with a dental or medical issue.

Differences Between Mouth Guards, Night Guards and Bite Splints

A properly fitted mouth guard is effective at protecting teeth from cracks, chips and even being fully knocked out. Usually used in high-impact sports like hockey, football, wrestling, boxing and basketball, mouth guards can also help protect against concussions.

Night guards protect your teeth at night from any grinding, clenching or biting you probably don’t even realize you’re doing. A night guard keeps your teeth safe from the slow but certain wearing down of teeth caused by grinding.

Bite splits (also known as bite guards, TMJ guards and occlusal splints) are similar to night guards as both protect your teeth during sleep, but a bite splint also guides your jaw movement into its most comfortable, natural position.

Do you Need a Dental Guard or Bite Splint?

We’ll consult with you during your cleaning and exam if we think you may need to consider a dental guard or bite splint. There are many situations that can be addressed with dental guards or bite splints.

  • Temporomandibular (TMD) and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders, in which your jaw muscles, bones and joints don’t work together as they should.
  • Teeth grinding, usually during your sleep and usually without you even realizing you’re doing it.
  • Clenching, which if untreated can cause TMJ issues.
  • Periodontal disease, which makes you more susceptible to clenching or grinding.
  • Post-orthodontic retention to keep teeth in place after braces are removed and before the teeth have locked into their new positions.
  • Temporary tooth replacements held in place by a dental guard or bite splint.
  • Diagnostic measures when determining whether you may have a TMD.
  • For athletes, especially those who play high-impact sports.

Mouth Guards, Night Guards, and Bite Splints FAQs

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