How to Use Your Dental Benefits Before the New Year

As the new year closes in, there’s no better time to wrap up your current affairs and start fresh. Whether you’re planning on finally joining the gym or getting around to returning the year’s library books, there’s a lot to take care of. One more thing you shouldn’t forget to check off your list? Using up your dental benefits.

Dental Benefits 101: What You Should Know

While dental insurance plans vary from person to person, all of them aim to grant you benefits that should be used on dentist visits throughout the year. Some plans require you to pay a monthly premium that goes toward your dental care, while others operate on a yearly maximum that covers your costs until it’s exceeded. Others still may have a deductible, which entails a set dollar amount you pay before you start receiving benefits.

If one of these options sounds like your dental insurance plan — and it renews annually, it’s time to use those benefits up!

Treatment Eligibility With Dental Benefits

Typically, dental insurance covers all preventative care — as in, your regular six month check-ups, but the amount of coverage for restorative and orthodontic care can vary depending on the plan. If you’re in need of treatments that go beyond a regular cleaning, such as fillings, root canals, crowns, braces, or tooth extractions, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting coverage in those areas.

That said, dental benefits can be put towards any treatment your plan covers. Whether you’re in need of another routine appointment or are looking to get a cavity filled, your benefits can be used as you please with few exclusions.

The Value of Using Up Your Dental Benefits

The value of using up your dental benefits is simple: you’re getting your money’s worth! If your benefits are unused by the end of a given year, they expire and can no longer be put towards any future trips to the dentist. So, whether you’re in need of restorative care or just need a preventative appointment, don’t wait.

Being proactive with your benefits also keeps potential dental issues from getting worse, since you’re treating concerns as they come up and not as they become unbearable. Plus, as dentists assess their practice and prepare for the year ahead, prices can bump up. By getting your dental work done before the year turns over, you’re potentially saving money on care.

Making the Most of Your Dental Benefits in the Future

Going forward, the best way to ensure your benefits are used before the year ends is to plan consistent dental visits. Rather than waiting until the last minute to schedule a visit or get work done, pace yourself as the year progresses. Plan on regular preventative visits every six months or more, depending on your needs, and schedule time to get problems fixed as they come up. This way, your benefits are used up as the year wraps up and your smile is healthy.

If you’re looking for more information on how to use your benefits before the new year, we’re happy to help. Contact us, and we’ll talk through different payment plans, dental treatments you can have done, and more.

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